Horde Oeurves
An Orc in the Stonetalon Mountains
Image by Samwise. Copyright Blizzard Entertainment.


Throm'ka! This new world we find ourselves in and the end of the demon taint requires we stand together, shoulder to shoulder with our brothers, or our many enemies shall tear us down.

We face threats from outside -- the Scourge, the Burning Legion, the Scarlet Crusade and strange new threats stirring in the south of Kalimdor. We also face threats from within, including the traitors of the Burning Blade and Alliance insurgents with more loyalty to Admiral Proudmoore than to the treaty signed by Warchief Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore.

Our warband, Horde Oeurves, respects each member as equals, listening to each in turn and acting for the good of all.

Although our enemies may be without honor, we are not. To act with honor when faced by a dishonorable foe is the ultimate show of contempt -- we will not stoop to their level, because we do not need to. We do not strike first at a weaker enemy, except when they have shown themselves to be an aggressor. We understand the strength of mercy and the willingness to die to protect our nation. And we follow the same rules as do our allies in Sawed Off.

We are proud, but with reason. Our numbers are few, but our achievements tell another story. The day will come when all know our name, and our axes will run with the blood of all those who seek to drive us from this world, or back onto bended knee as their servants.

We watch the skies for the Burning Legion, we watch the horizon for the sails of Kul Tiras fleets and we watch our backs for the knives of traitors.

For the Horde! And for Horde Oeurves!

Today may be a good day to die, but let us send our enemies on ahead of us to blaze the trail.


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